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chich toothed

23 Sep


Just as we were writing a euology for both the zipper and embellished shoulder (not to be confused with the sculpted scapula, which is perfectly healthy thankyervemush), comes an incarnation that resuscitates both. Finland’s DIY genius Outsapop Trashion creates custom zipper epaulets to order. We’re thinking of tacking them on a lapel-less short-sleeved 80s blazer for the Australasian spring.

outsapop_neckNot entirely original (we’re sure we saw a similar concept in a boutique in New York’s Soho recently… might have been Kate Cusack), but a shade more practical, this toothy collar is also on the wish list. It featured in October’s Olivia Magazine. You could get away with the most basic LBD and still steal the show, so it’s economical, too!   

To order, email .