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blanket statement

18 Jul


The man in the little grocery store downstairs says he’s sorry. This is a bad summer. Not usually like this. We, on the other hand, are rapt (although a little confused) with the cold snap. Frankly, we’ve had it up to here with sweat patches and sensible clothing – our greatest loves have been thermally impractical, if not health hazards. Take this oh-you-are-so-coming-home-with-us-even-if-we-have-to-pay-baggage-excess hirsute oversized gillet (left) we bagged at Humana last week after months of delving in thrift bins. Not only does this chiquity have the potential to stop traffic on the autobahn, it has the comfort factor of an old blankie. We implore you to wear your winter wildest this weekend, while you can. Because┬áthe guy downstairs reckons…

Happy snuggling