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bands of colour

16 Jul


As the old imwearing readers know, we don’t do colour.  (Or PU, but that’s irrelevant because today’s muse is soft-as-a-baby’s leather). Alas, while our monochrome is perfect in Paris, Milan and just about every European city – besides Berlin. Here head-to-toe schwarz looks positively funereal (if not GDRistic). When summer is a few weeks’ break between cold and dark and really cold and really dark, you get that hot pink mini skirt on. Now. Don’t make me. I’m counting. Thankfully we’ve found a way to respect the local custom without sending our little heads into a katherine wheel-like spin. These uber-soft leather belts by 2-year-old Berlin label c’est tout are a happy compromise – a step above pastel but not quite bright. We’re easing in with the pale blue, tied around an oversized (black) blazer. Jeans on the bottom, of course. After a couple of weeks we reckon we’ll be ready for the salmon. (At 79 Euro, it’s a low risk.)

(Check out our Sales page for c’est tout’s one-day super sale on July 18!)