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second skin

8 Oct


Two days ago this post would have been a different beast.  It was going to be called ‘Skin Coloured’, and assure you unequivocally that spring/summer’s hottest hue is ‘Muted Melanoma’. Then Harry Connick Jr made us see the trend so strong in Vienna and Copenhagen in a whole new light. We mean, way. A tone reflecting the complexion of a percentage of the population, but by no means inferring superior intelligence or value, is next summer’s must-have. Sounds sexy, dun’t it?  We have editorial adoration for the stiff leather shorts in Caucasian Suntan at Vilsbol de Arce, and jumped out of our dermises for Presque Fini’s fringed frock. If you can’t come at getting about in the pseudo-nuddy, opt instead for a faux finger necklace from quirky contemporary jewelstress Margaux Lang. Maybe massage some Ambre Solaire into the knuckles before wearing. (Not that there’s anything wrong with being white. Er, we mean faded.)


they’re only nipples

27 Sep


theme_punctured_blackA friend rang during the week just to check, hope you don’t think I’m imposing I just worry, you know that we didn’t really endorse those transparent dresses from 388 Wonderboutique. I mean you may as well photocopy your nipples onto a transparency and turn on the overhead projector. Wait until she gets wind of the evolution of sheer. For ss10, barely-there mesh morphs into what is known in the industry as air. From stanley knife-style circles at Austria’s Butterfly Costumes to fibres that look to have been nibbled by silverfish all winter at Manish Arora and John Rocha, nothing is the new something.  Disclaimer: Fashion Platz does not advocate the exposure of private bodily bits. All trends should be attempted with caution. If in doubt, consult your personal stylist.

austrians on the radar

21 Sep

< Spent a good part of the weekend immersed in all things Austrian ahead of this week’s Vienna Fashion Week. Positively, rapturously, no-that’s-not-a-twitch in love with Ali Zedtwitz (the talented young thing who just launched a capsule for Swedish brand Weekday). The hirsute shoes are a whisker (geddit) creepy but a reasonable idea considering the outfit’s lack of texture.


Loving Christina Berger, too. The cheeky 29-year-old says she designs for the heroine who was born sexy. Well don’t look at our baby photos, but reckon we qualify.


Also burning a candle for Eva Blut, who is pitched as an accessories m’am but cuts a fine shirt. We do prefer her earlier work such as this ss07 remnant.

 Stay tuned for pics from Vienna Fashion Week, from this Thursday, September 24.