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20 Sep

melb typewriter amster-tile

Friends we’ve never met, birthday cakes we can’t eat, money that’s never been printed… It’s hard to know what’s real these days. Especially when we’re so disconnected from what we do Take the typewriter. 1. Hit key. 2. Watch little silver letter flick up and hit paper. 3. Reach for the fricking white out because I hit the stupid n with the b again. Far more real than whatever goes on in your HP Pavilion, dontcha think? The virtureal installation at Amsterdam’s Inside Design event explores the notions of real and virtual. Jelte van Abbema has met the brief to transform a space within the design-oriented Lloyd Hotel with a typewriter linked to a 20-something inch LCD monitor. We haven’t come up with an answer but it did leave us craving the good ol’ days. This silver and enamel typewriter key jewellery (pictured top and bottom right) from Melbourne store Gazelle hits the nail on the head.  Not literally, of course. Might break.

Inside Design is at Amsterdam’s Lloyd Hotel this weekend. Gazelle is in Centre Pl, off Flinders La, Melbourne.