hello japan: storiito sutai-ru

10 Sep

Let’s not beat around the bamboo – as much as we came to Japan to visit Tokyo’s spanking new Opening Ceremony flagship, and to shoot street trends in Shibuya, we were not paying our departure tax without spying someone in a kimono. (So autumn/winter 1010!) streetstyle_use_kyoto 

As well as paying homage to tradition and its deities, Kyoto is packed with hip young things falling over their fierce lace-up ankle boots for a look at the maiko (apprentice geisha). The city renowned for its holy sites is a shrine to all things stylish. (It is the birthplace of Akira Isogawa, after all.)


Nearby ‘modern meropolis’ Osaka is a melting pot of disparate (and often extreme) styles. Kansai’s commercial capital is widely credited with spawning the trends that trickle through to the western high street. It is also home to Esmod and Bunka.


The sharp edge of Japans style, however, is in the world’s biggest city – Tokyo. Here the trendy Shibuya district, home to Harajuku, is where the young, beautiful and achingly hip come to be seen.


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