warm & fuzzies @ camilla wellton

15 Aug


After lunch in full sun by the water, a show called ‘Coats & Jackets’ was the last thing we felt like going to. But no sooner had we said so than fate intervened, in the form of the most ferocious hailstorm we’ve ever experienced. G-g-g-g-ive u-u-u-u-s s-s-j-j-j-acket-s-s-s.

Lucky, because Camilla Wellton’s outerwear is the best we’ve seen in a long time. Impeccable tailoring and exquisite attention to detail remind us of the days when women dressed up for a day in the city. When wearing the wrong size was a fashion crime. It still is, according to Stockholm-based Wellton, who makes most of her pret-a-porter pieces to measure on request. After all, a stray two centimetres could destroy the architectural aesthetic.

We’re torn between the Flower Queen Jacket, Empire Coat and Kimonoat, all perfect for those days when we need to look super-polished in a heartbeat. Then again, given that they’re made from natural fibres and that 10 per cent of sales goes towards saving the forests,  it would be uncharitable not to buy all three, wouldn’t it?


One Response to “warm & fuzzies @ camilla wellton”

  1. Ally August 17, 2009 at 1:33 am #

    Love these coats, I can just imagine how joyful it would be wearing a coat precisely cut for you and wandering the cold city streets. Almost enough to make me wish it was always Winter!

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