stockholm fashion week – let the champagne flow

13 Aug


Hey from Stockholm! After a fraught 24 hours threatening the hotel owner, we’re finally back online (not that we’ve had much time to sit down since we arrived in this magnificent, water-flanked city). As we’re waiting on PR pics from the first night’s show by Swedish label Saga Lova, let’s move on to the show at the Mode Center (above), where countless brands are showcased in adjacent glass booths for buyers to peruse and editors to pull. Chocolate cake to the power of 1,000,000.  Especially the CCDK showroom, where we got to play with the Karen by Simonsen ss10 collection. Lust!


Alas, we’re not so inspired by the four key themes presented, which dredged up last summer’s most overdone trends – ombre, fringing and prairie frocks. Still, Australia does tend to be a season ahead due to the seasonal upside-down, upside-down ness, so we’re hoping that explains it. We can’t bear to think that the Scandinavians aren’t the sartorial seers we imagine.


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