western influence

23 Jul


We always get a slight chill as the train pulls into Friedrichstrasse station. It is hard to fathom that it is only 20 years since this behemoth of glass and American food housed the men with keys to a brave new world. Ironically, now we’re allowed in, we find the west a little too self-consciouly modern (ugly’s such a strong word).  However, this futuristic cityscape also is part of Berlin’s rich, recent history and it, too, is inspiring some daring fashion and costume design. This Reality Studio dress (2nd row, left), for instance, mimics an aerial view of Potsdamer Platz, as does jeweller Momentopia’s shop fit (bottom left).  And Joey Love’s Jetsons-esque sneakers (top left) summon parliament’s lofty dome. And with that, we’ve got a train to catch to Ostkreuz, before our ticket expires. x


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