er, i’m a bit tied up

21 Jul


Just as we expected, those 12 euro desert scarves have gone off to that great outlet store in the sky and left loyalists to sport their cravats in peace. No, dude, it is not way rad gear. It is pure silk. Get your painted fingernails away.  To promote the proper use of the textilian phenomenon that transcends fads and elevates an outfit from kinda smart to unutterably chic, we thought some instruction was in order. There are hundreds of ways to knot neckwear, but our favourite is the classic neck wrap, as pictured above. The best effect is achieved using a pure silk square, like these face print scarves by Germany’s Aschon (‘beautiful’). Cotton and linen also work well. But just remember, the polyester police are watching.   


1. Fold the scarf in a triangle.
2. Hold the two ends of the folded side and wrap around the neck.
3. Bring them forward from the opposite sides and tie a knot.
4. Take one layer of the scarf beneath and toss it over the knot as illustrated in the diagram.

5. Adjust a little and strut into that chi chi boutique you’re always too scared to go into!

Aschon scarves 155 euro at or Oderberger Str 49, Berlin. Or at Episoda, Boxhagener Str 113, Berlin.

tying tips & diagram courtesy






One Response to “er, i’m a bit tied up”

  1. louise long July 22, 2009 at 11:46 pm #
    The blogs here are fabulous, the scribes accompanying such are amazing. What a wordsmith and creaive person has created these, just amazing.
    More than a pleasure to view, instructional as well, ie. scarf instructions, as the scarf can so enhance/compliment fashion. It’s often the difference between “just so” and mind-blowing.
    Thank you for these ablogs from fashionplatz, Berlin. Keep them coming

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