let’s thrift again

14 Jul

Hi lovelies, how are you? Hope you didn’t have too much trouble finding the place? Not only have we shifted to a blogging platform better suited to our not-so-technical skill level, but we’ve also switched continents… welcome to Berlin! Thank you for all your darling comments on the outfits and sorry if I didn’t get back to you during a schizophraneous last month. Hope this  first little piece of thrifting work from Berlin makes up for it.

We got the idea for sticking the buttons in the wrong holes when someone discovered, moments before the Mongrels In Common Berlin Fashion Week show that they’d spilt sweet & sour sauce down the front of their favourite shirt (tres chic)! A few compliments and bright flashes later we (er, the person) was re-inventing everything in sight – including the dowdy housecoat & mature women’s denim shirt totalling 8 Euro at charity store Humana. But it turns out we’re not such pioneers – misbuttoning is a fixture of this season’s range by designer Irina Rohpeter. Great minds, huh? If you’re in, or coming to Berlin, check out Irina’s range at Styleserver (which, incidentally, is included in our workshops and tours… check those out, too!)

Much love x

P.S. Excuse the toothpaste on the mirror!


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